Board of Rectors


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duc Minh


MBA. Phan Thanh Nguyen
hiệu phó
Dr. Le Phu Hao
hiệu phó
MBA. Le Ngoc Trung


College of Foreign Economic Relations (COFER) belonging to the Ministry of Industry and Trade was upgraded in accordance with Decision No. 48/QD-TTg dated 24 Jan 1997 by the Prime Minister and Decision No. 0883/ BTM-QĐ dated 07 Mar 1997 by the Ministry of Trade.

COFER is an educational institution training students and providing them with college degrees and vocational certificates, doing research and making scientific and technological experiments in order to meet the requirements of training, production, business and services in commerce and society, contributing to the development of economy, society and education of the country.

COFER cooperates with local and international academic institutions in training and doing scientific research, organizes scientific workshops and gives consultancy on commercial services to socio-economic organizations.


Professionally educate students to equip them with high political qualifications, good morale, high sense of serving the community, self-study ability communication and teamwork skills and good health to meet the rising requirements of building and protecting our homeland.

Enable students to develop their strong professional knowledge, practical skills, positive attitude and incredible work ethics and focus on training skills and strengthening competence, facilitating abilities to look for jobs and creatively accomplish their future careers.

Mission -Vision


Train an excellent workforce with bachelor degrees in the field of Commerce and Services nationwide; provide students with professional knowledge and vocational skills to meet the social demands as well as do research and conduct technological and scientific experiments to serve the country’s development.


Become an excellent educational institution training high-quality workforce to meet the country’s development and international integration requirements; aim at reaching training standards equal to those of regional countries and strengthen our facilities and human resources to become a great university in the near future

Training programs

Intensive training courses for the staff of Trade Industry and Enterprises
Export-Import Business Operation
Insurance - Foreign Trade Transportation
Credit and International Payment
Business Laws- Laws in Foreign Trade
International Economic Integration
Market Management Operation
Industrial Property
Chief Accountants
Store Managers
Petroleum and Liquefied Engineering Worker
Sales Staff, Food and Beverage Processing Staff, Receptionists, Restaurant and Hotel Service Staff
Managerial Informatics
Business English
Upgrading in-service level for Petroleum Workers, Restaurant and Hotel Service Staff

International Cooperation Program

COFER has been cooperating with the following local and international universities via “two plus two” and “three plus one” training programs:

* Local Universities:

- Hanoi University of Commerce (Vietnam)

- University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

* Foreign Universities:

- University of Victoria (Australia)

- Meiho University (Taiwan) Assumption University (Thailand)

- University of Asia and the Pacific (Philippines)

- Lyceum of the Philippines

- University Marie-Victoria College (Canada)

Organizational Structure

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